Church, State and Household Church, State and Household Church, State and Household

First of all, read the website: if you find yourself laughing aloud, we want you. Even if you just smile a bit, or nod sagely, then we still want you. If your response is more along the lines of "I'd better join in and teach them to do it properly" perhaps you'd be happier in another society. And if you think what we all need is a haircut, a shave, and a dose of National Service, please don't email us.

While we have many seasoned re-enactors in our number we actively encourage new people to come along and take part. Experience and research are important. Enthusiasm and creativity are vital.

This event will feature a very strong narrative line, and visiting children will be encouraged to investigate what's going on and why.

A studious clergyman in a panelled room

What to expect


Three basic meals will be served each day to all participants. Lunch is cooked in the authenti-kitchen and eaten for the entertainment of the punters, much in the spirit of feeding time at the zoo.


Aside from our soldiers camp, for those with authentitents, we have space for plasticampers too. We would much rather you left dogs at home.


Black Powder is issued only to people who produce the appropriate license.


I never thought that I'd find myself calculating the dangers inherent in dancing on the lawn (risk of falling over onto soft grass: dancing master will receive training in saying "Are you all right? Do you consent to my helping you up?") but it's happened, so if you think that you really need to read it I'll send you a copy, but it's stupid; really it is.


In marked contrast to the situation in the 90s we have arrived at an insurance arrangement that works, and hasn't been devised as a flagrant scam by the local con-man.


There are first-aiders on hand twenty-four hours a day. Nick Wright is our resident army medic.


We aim to provide an on-site ale house, or at least a barrel in a tent.