NorthCourt Manor, host to

Church, State and Household Church, State and Household Church, State and Household

Until 2009 our events were held at Arreton Manor, on the Isle of Wight.

Sadly Arreton Manor closed its gates to the public in September 2008 and Living History stopped there.

NorthCourt Manor, a privately owned residence with B&B facilities, opens its gardens for one week a year to raise money for charity. (The Earl Mountbatten Hospice.)

In 2009 the owners agreed to let CSH give a flavour of sixteenth century life to the Manor, and a new lease of life for Living History on the Island, repeated in 2010.

NorthCourt Manor

Northcourt was built in 1617 as the home of the Deputy Governor of the Isle of Wight; in 1642 it is the property of the Leigh family – the same Leighs that played host to the king at Arreton in 1628, and whose various ghosts (Little Annabelle included) still haunt that house.

The Manor and grounds are set well back from the roads and give us plenty of scope to create a rich and potent portrayal of rural life during the civil war.

Stately NorthCourt Manor, home to Church, State and Household


There is a pub in Shorwell; The Crown Inn. We also have an on-site beer tent (cheaper still).

There is a Post Office/Village Shop in Shorwell; it has changed very little since the 1950s, and still uses Imperial Currency.

The Flyer for the 2009 event.