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Church, State and Household Church, State and Household Church, State and Household

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Alex Lyon - some of Alex's other projects

Arreton Manor - Website has come back, better than ever

Dr Nicodemus Merriweather

Girl With Trowel

Renaissance Footnotes

The Ventnor Blog
Dr Nicodemus Merriweather 
- the abridged version

History sites

Coalhouse Fort in Tilbury, Essex

Fauconberg Household - Wars of the Roses

Web of Syn - promoting the Days of Syn in Kent

Spearfish Creek - Wild Western renactment group

Wolfpack: Pirate Re-enactment Show Team website.

Passamezzo: Music in Shakespeare's England

Isle of Wight Pirates

Military and Flying Machines Show


Wight Leathercraft

Kitty Hats - for hats!

John Halifax Hatters - more hats!

Email Tom Norbury or Phone 01886 832767 for more hats


House History Research - and some family history

Blists Hill (Ironbridge) Open Air Museum

Absolute Astronomy About the universe, but with an Arreton section.

Children of Hell

 - a dark re-telling of Genesis of the Daleks
by the Kaled people, native inhabitants of Skaro, the Dalek homeworld. Revised version.

Email the author for more information.

Children of Hell by Alex Lyon